"Helping the March of Dimes put an end to the fear, shock, and panic

that so many families have faced in their darkest hours.".......J. McGaughy

It's that time of year again!!!  Team Bustin' for Justin and the McGaughy family are gearing up for the 2017 March of Dimes fundraising season!  We have already had a successful fundraiser working a local concession stand for youth basketball.   We are so thankful for our wonderful sponsors, community, friends and family for all their past and continued support!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 


This year we are slowing down just a bit.  Life has been crazy for the McGaughy Family as kids become more involved in sports, school and community.  Also, with recent economic uncertainty and bad weather in our community, we feel it is best to let the community recover emotionally andfinancially.  We will focus on smaller fundraisers this year and forego our Fun Day this year.   We are sad but, we would also like to see other family teams in Texas step up the front of the fundraising ladder.... I challenge them to raise those dollars and blow us out of the water!!


In the past we have helped lead other family teams during the fundraising seasons.  We have traveled to Orlando, Washington D.C. and Fort Lauderdale to attend the yearly National Volunteer Leadership Conference.  We have enjoyed sharing comradery and brainstorming with these teams--all of which have similar stories to ours and share our mission.  1 in 8 babies is born premature in Texas and this is way too many!!  We have lobbied numerous times on Capitol Hill for the necessary legislation to protect our babies and expectant mothers.  All March of Dimes family teams, corporate teams, and March of Dimes leaders, have one mission: To END Prematurity!  Each one of us wants to put an end to the suffering that so many babies and their families have to endure!


Please join us this year as we gear up for 2017!  For over 75 years, the March of Dimes has been funding the battle against prematurity.  Over 75 years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt began this project -- at that time to end polio.  Well, guess what?  With the help of March of Dimes funds, polio is almost completely eradicated!  It all started out with a man affected by polio and his followers collecting their dimes, one at a time!  Now that polio has been checked off the list, PREMATURITY is next!  Help us check this one of the list too!  Check out our website and see how you can help!  Babies are a part of us all!  With your help, SOMEDAY ALL BABIES WILL BE BORN HEALTHY!!


Jenny McGaughy

"Mission Mom" to preemie twins Jake and Justin McGaughy

Team Captain Bustin' for Justin

Chili Cook-off

and Fun Day

5K Fun Run/Walk

Color Run


March for Babies

Amarillo, TX

Typsy Artist Painting Party

Ochiltree Expo Center



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