Chili Cookoff and Fun Day--Memories!




Stay Tuned for future events.


There will be no Chili Cook off this year, 2017.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Rules and Regulations


  1. Contestants must provide their own cooking apparatus, utensils, cooking fuel, ingredients, and table for serving. You can have a tent, table, or camper set up.
  2. Chili may consist of meat, beans, vegetables, or combinations thereof, cooked with chili peppers, spices, and other ingredients. Contestants must declare their ingredients during the cooking and judging process.
  3. All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cook-off. “Scratch” is defined as starting with raw meat. Meat may be precut or ground but not precooked. All other ingredients must be chopped or prepared during the competition.
  4. Other ingredients may not be precooked or treated in anyway prior to the event. The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, broth, and grinding or mixing of spices
  5. Commercial chili powder is permissible but complete commercial chili powder mixes are not permitted.
  6. All chili must be prepared in the open (no cooking in motor homes)
  7. Each contestant will be assigned a number and given a container to turn in to be judged. Judging will be done in a timely manner and each person is responsible for delivering their chili to the judge.
  8. Judges will be told to base their scores on the following considerations: flavor, texture of the meat, consistency, blend of spices, aroma, and color. There will also be a people’s choice award. People’s choice may reflect that atmosphere of your cooking area, your serving style or theme. Be creative!!
  9. Cook time may begin at 8:00 after a contestant meeting on April 9th. Judging will be at 12:00. Serving to the public will also begin at noon. Winners will be announced at 5pm.


***Each contestant needs to have at least 2 large stock pots (20-30 quarts is best) of your chili to serve to the public. A smaller pot may be used for judging. In years past, we have run out of chili for the public to taste. Anticipate 200-300 people tasting your chili!!! If they can’t taste it, they can’t vote!

2016 Chili Cook-off Entry
Registration form for Chili Cook-off participants.
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2016 Craft Booth Entry
Registration form for Craft Booth participants.
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